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Who We Are

Association de Football Germano-Burkinab√© pour la Jeunesse (FOGEBU) is a non-governmental organization started by the former Ambassador of Germany in Burkina Faso, Dr. Ulrich Hochschild, in 2006. The objective of FOGEBU is to improve the living conditions of marginalized youth in Burkina Faso through basic education and football. Football is the most popular and widespread sport in Africa, and is a great motivator for youth to grow in their education and social skills. The uniting force of football teaches children tolerance, discipline and how to deal with aggression in a safe environment. The ultimate goal of FOGEBU is to reintegrate these young boys into society by providing social tools and career opportunities that will empower them for the future. FOGEBU provides free boarding for 24 new participants annually. The program runs for a total of three years with a daily focus on schooling and football training.


Target group:

The program aims to attract boys age 14 who: 

  • Do not have the opportunity to go to school or take their CEP exams
  • Are found mostly in the streets of major cities
  • Are at risk for slipping into a lifestyle of crime
  • Have a particular talent in football


Past Results:

The following statistics range from 2006-2013.

  • A total of 168 youth have been recruited into the FOGEBU program
  • 46 residents have thus far completed their three-year cycle (ie. 33.33%)
  • 100% success in the exam Certificate of Primary Education (CEP)
  • 25% are active in the work field
  • 65% play football in local clubs
  • 5% are continuing their studies